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Read.Watch.Listen. Harnessing AI to advance diversity in engineering

February 2024 Issue

A monthly forum to share diversity, equity, and inclusion resources.

Welcome to the next installment of Read.Watch.Listen. This month, we explore how AI can be used to advance DEI in engineering. While AI has the potential to increase the efficiencies of engineering tasks, the possibility of biased AI can exist if underrepresented groups are excluded from the teams developing these technologies. Below are resources that explain how AI developers can diversify the teams teaching these technology models and minimize biases.

February is also Black History Month! Check out a previous edition of Read.Watch.Listen, where we highlighted a number of notable Black Engineers.

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Read.Watch.Listen is a monthly forum hosted by the NCSEA SE3 Committee to share and promote conversations on diversity, equity and inclusion within the structural engineering profession. Each month, we will curate a series of articles, audio-visual and digital media to facilitate self-education in matters that affect our professional practice as structural engineers. Whether you choose to read, watch, or listen (or all three!), we hope you will join us in this important conversation. Missed the previous issue? Check out the NCSEA SE3 Committee News and Publication page.

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AI Brings Opportunities and Risks to Workplace DEI Efforts - Forbes

This article discusses how AI can be used to improve hiring and performance management procedures as well as increase the sense of belonging among underrepresented groups. The article also underscores that caution must be taken when implementing AI in hiring since AI can exacerbate biases from existing data.

Originally published May 8, 2023; Estimated Read Time - 5 min


Why Diversity Matters for the Future of Artificial Intelligence - TEDx

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are technologies revolutionizing various sectors, including engineering. TEDx speaker Eva Prakash notes that women and people of color are vastly underrepresented in engineering and in teams developing these AI technologies. She points out that efforts to diversify these fields is imperative to create the best technologies that affect society at large.

Originally aired August 2018; 00:13:41


Where AI Meets DEI: Part 1 - Unstoppable Together

This podcast episode features an interview with John Larson, an executive leader at Booz Allen. The interview gives an overview of what AI is, the importance of diversifying the teams developing AI technologies, and approaches to address biases within AI.

Originally posted July 24, 2023; 00:18:00


This article was originally published in the February 2024 issue of NCSEA's Structural Connection newsletter. For more information, check out NCSEA's DEI Resources.

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