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Our collective mission is: To raise awareness and promote dialogue on professional practice issues in order to improve engagement and equity in the structural engineering profession.

The goals of the SE3 Committee are wide-ranging. Our research has allowed us to examine many aspects of the profession and strives to capture the everyday experience of practicing structural engineering professionals. Our work is wide ranging, and includes finding opportunities for professional development training, diversity & inclusion initiatives, and improving our project management skills. We do this at a national and local level and encourage anyone to join our mission!

In 2017, SE3 became a national committee through the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA) and committed to repeating the study on the structural engineering community on a biennial basis. Together with engineers from across the United States, we work to improve engagement, retention, diversity, and inclusion in the profession by collecting data, starting conversations, and encouraging all to do the same.

The national committee is actively engaged in a number of initiatives stemming from the survey findings. In addition to the main analysis and publication, the SE3 Committee facilitates the creation of local chapters within NCSEA Member Organizations, develops presentations and programs to engage the community, and conducts in-depth studies to understand particular questions or trends.


Photo courtesy of SEAONC SE3.

SE3 Timeline Infographic.png

Since our inception, the NCSEA SE3 Committee has been focused on improving the experience of all practicing structural engineers.

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