The 2020 Survey is NOW LIVE

Invitation to Participation

The NCSEA SE3 Committee is currently administering its third nationwide survey of structural engineers across the profession and we invite you to participate!


The Structural Engineering Engagement and Equity (SE3) Committee is composed of a diverse group of engineers across the United States. Our mission is to attract and retain the best and brightest into our profession; and to ensure ALL structural engineers have a clear pathway to success. The SE3 survey is an ongoing effort to identify trends, understand the underlying factors, and initiate industry-wide conversations.

For example, did you know that roughly 60% of survey respondents have considered leaving the profession at some point in their career? When comparing a respondent's years of experience with their inclination to stay until retirement, the 2018 SE3 survey identified three (3) career pinch-points--occurring at year two (2), ten (10), and eighteen (18).

Based on key survey findings, the committee utilizes presentations, panel discussions, and networking events to provide actionable information for industry improvement. Survey topics include career development, compensation, work flexibility, and overall engagement. For more information, check out our Publications and National Symposium.

The SE3 Committee looks forward to your participation!

Join the conversation and participate in the 2020 SE3 Survey.

2018 Survey Graphic - Plans to Stay in P

Graphic from 2018 SE3 Survey Report