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Read.Watch.Listen. Women in Engineering

April 2023 Issue

A monthly forum to share diversity, equity, and inclusion resources.

Welcome to the next installment of Read.Watch.Listen. As a follow-up to Women’s History Month, which occurred in March, we want to celebrate current and future women in engineering. Though they are still largely underrepresented in structural engineering, female engineers are breaking down barriers and making inspiring strides as leaders in their fields. The resources below celebrate some of these women and their accomplishments.

The NCSEA SE3 Committee strives for equity within the structural engineering profession. This month, and every month, we celebrate our female members, including our co-chairs, Amanda Dean and Cambria Flowers.

Read.Watch.Listen is a monthly forum hosted by the NCSEA SE3 Committee to share and promote conversations on diversity, equity and inclusion within the structural engineering profession. Each month, we will curate a series of articles, audio-visual and digital media to facilitate self-education in matters that affect our professional practice as structural engineers. Whether you choose to read, watch, or listen (or all three!), we hope you will join us in this important conversation.

Share your thoughts and/or recommended resources for the next issue at


Inspiring Women in Structural Engineering - The Institution of Structural Engineers

In this blog series, seven female structural engineers discuss the people and experiences that have shaped their career and share their thoughts on bias and inclusivity within our profession. The resource link shares one of these stories, but we encourage you to check-out all seven interviews!


Day in the Life of Joanna Monge, P.E., Structural Engineer - SWENExt

As part of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) SWENEXT program, women engineers share their story for the SWE: A Day In The Life of an Engineer Video Series to encourage future female students to consider engineering as a career choice. In this linked resource, structural engineer Joanna Monge shares why she chose structural engineering.


Women in Civil Engineering: How to Overcome Obstacles - The Civil Engineering Podcast

This podcast episode interviews Danielle Goudreau, a civil engineering project manager who discusses her path to her specialty and her experience as a woman in civil engineering. She discusses the importance of internships and mentorships, and she provides advice for young women on developing confidence for site visits and on career development.


This article was originally published in the April 2023 issue of NCSEA's Structural Connection newsletter. For more information, check out NCSEA's DEI Resources.

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