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  • SE3 Racial Equity Task Group

Read.Watch.Listen. Season of Giving

October 2021 Issue

A monthly forum to share diversity, equity, and inclusion resources.

Welcome to the next installment of Read.Watch.Listen: a monthly forum hosted by the NCSEA SE3 Committee to share and promote conversations on diversity, equity and inclusion within the structural engineering profession. Each month, we will curate a series of articles, audio-visual and digital media to facilitate self-education in matters that affect our professional practice as structural engineers. Whether you choose to read, watch, or listen (or all three!), we hope you will join us in this important conversation.

Photo Credit: freepik

This month, we focus on charitable acts as a way to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion. As the season of giving is right around the corner, we are choosing to highlight engineering and STEM organizations that inspire and enable underserved communities to participate in STEM fields. You may recall, we highlighted three other organizations during this time last year. We hope these stories will, again, inspire you to give back with your time (volunteering and mentoring), your organizations (firm sponsorship), and/or through financial contributions. Please also consider ways to support the NCSEA Foundation, a nonprofit initiative established in 2020 with the goal of supporting and furthering NCSEA’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Read more about it at this month’s bonus fact!

These organizations were selected because they align with NCSEA’s Call to Action. If you would like to suggest additional organizations for future columns, please send recommendations to


GEM Fellowship Opens a New Path to Potential Research Candidates - NewsWise

The National GEM Consortium works to increase the participation of underrepresented groups in graduate programs in engineering and STEM through employer sponsorship programs. This article celebrates two GEM fellows from the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, and emphasizes the importance of improving representation and access to higher education in STEM fields.


'Project SYNCERE': Man Inspires CPS Students to Pursue STEM - NBC Chicago

Established by three African American men in 2008, Project SYNCERE aims to “prepare the minds of underrepresented students and create pathways for them to pursue careers in STEM.” This short video showcases just one of their many initiatives.


Meaningful Partnerships Between HBCUs, HSIs, and PWIs - ASEE MIND

The American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) works to advance innovation, excellence, and access to education for the engineering profession. Their Minorities in Engineering Division (MIND) aims specifically to increase diversity and inclusion within engineering education and the engineering profession. This webinar focuses specifically on the relationship between HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), HSIs (Hispanic-Serving Institutions), and PWIs (Primarily White Institutions), and how PWIs with extensive resources can be most effective as partners.


NCSEA Foundation: Laying the Groundwork for a Bright Future - STRUCTURE Magazine

Page 7 of the August edition of STRUCTURE Magazine discusses the goals of the NCSEA Foundation and highlights some of the accomplishments it has made in its first year, including the Grant Program and the Diversity in Structural Engineering Scholarship.


This article was originally published in the October 2021 issue of NCSEA's Structural Connection newsletter. For more information, check out NCSEA's DEI Resources.



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