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In May 2022, using data from the 2020 SE3 Survey and insights collected through committee Outreach, our DEI Resources Group published the following White Paper. The ideas shared therein hope to advance equitable growth in our structural engineering firms, expanding demographic considerations.

Commitment to Action


To the NCSEA SE3 Community

We are reaching out to you now to discuss our commitments in response to the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless other Black people before them. Like many of you, these events have forced us to reflect upon the systems of oppression that led to these acts and on our role in fighting for racial justice within our communities.

Following the Call to Action of our parent organization, NCSEA, issued jointly with CASE and SEI, we are beginning to better understand this role. As structural engineering professionals, we have not only the ability but also the obligation to shape the built environment around us with intention and to influence long-term change of access, equity, and inclusion within our profession. 


SE3 believes that actions speak louder than words. Though we have actively advocated for positive change in the profession for years, we have also intentionally focused on gender more than racial equality. Now, more than ever, we believe it is in the best interest of our members and our community to focus even more intently on the issues facing people of color within our profession. Towards this goal, the SE3 Committee will:


  • Collaborate with NCSEA Leadership to implement our organization’s initiatives and engage in joint ventures with CASE and SEI.

  • Conduct research specifically on racial inequity within the structural engineering profession using data from the 2020 SE3 survey. With this research, we seek to better understand the common challenges experienced by people of color in our profession and to actively remove barriers within our work environments.

  • At the 2020 NCSEA Summit and in other forums, host dedicated programs, sessions, or panel discussions on racial inequity, discrimination, harassment, and challenges to career progression or retention.

  • Work with local SE3 chapters and with partner organizations to implement these programs at the local community level. In particular, we will build on the initial recommendations put forth by SEAONC SE3, our founding chapter, linked below.  

  • Collect and share resources, case studies, and ideas for actions that our members and advocates can take to influence change at the individual, firm, and community level.

As a volunteer organization composed of practicing structural engineers, we don’t profess to have all the answers. We do, however, have the collective experience of many who have fought for change within the AEC industry. We are a group of passionate individuals dedicated to a better future for our profession. The SE3 Committee stands committed to justice and equality for all through collective, sustained actions. If you are passionate about this too, please join us in this call to action for a more inclusive, fair, and equitable future.



NCSEA SE3 Leadership

Sabrina Duk, Rose McClure, Nick Sherrow-Groves,

Angie Sommer, Zahraa Saiyed, and Natalie Tse

We are proud to feature the recommendations of SEAONC SE3 here:

Published July 13th, 2020

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