Committee Publications

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Resource Guide

The Resource Guide is a collection of knowledge assembled from individuals with experience engaging their structural engineering communities.The guide outlines tools and strategies that will assist in successful initiation of an SE3 Committee in your local SEA Member Organization (MO).

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2018 Survey Report

The 2018 Survey Report is a summary and analysis of the second nationwide survey conducted within the structural engineering profession. The original study was expanded to better inform the SE3 Committee's understanding of equity, diversity and inclusion as well as develop insight into the issues currently trending within the industry.

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2016 Survey Report

The 2016 Survey Report is a summary and analysis of the first nationwide survey of employee engagement and gender equity in the structural engineering profession.

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2016 Pay Report

The 2016 Pay Report is a publication by the SE3 Committee within the Structural Engineers Association of Northern California (SEAONC). It is an in-depth analysis of the 2016 survey data to provide more detailed information on compensation based on a variety of factors. The report analyzes the overall influences and investigates the gender pay gap reported in the 2016 Survey Report.


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The NCSEA SE3 Committee composes a biennial report of the nationwide survey along with resource materials for continued dialogue. Check back for featured in-depth studies!